Guard tour system patrol with RFID checkpoint and monitoring software

Guard tour system patrol with RFID checkpoint and monitoring software

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WM-5000V7 guard tour reader is an upgrading product on the basis of WM-5000V+guard tour reader. WM-5000V7 can not only read a normal RFID tag whose working frequency is 125KHZ in the distance ranging from 3cm to 5cm but also read a 2.4G RFID tag in the distance ranging from 10 meters to 100 meters. If the button on the reader is pressed, the WM-5000V7 reader is switched to read the 2.4G RFID tag. Moreover, WM-5000V7 can communicate with a computer through a 2.4G communication station without being inserted in it. The reader can be put beside the communication station which is connected with the computer through a USB cable in the range less than 10 meters to download the data in the reader to the computer. Additionally, the battery of WM-5000V7 can be charged without opening the reader. The reader can be inserted into the communication station which is connected with electric power to charge its battery.


  • Super durable, completely water-resistant
  • Capacitance touch key-press which is indestructible
  • Read two kinds of RFID cards:
    125KHZ RFID card, reading distance 3cm to 5cm;
    2.4G RFID card, reading distance 10 meters to 100 meters
  • 2.4G RFID card needs power supply
  • 2.4G wireless communication, stable, fast

Technical Information:

Metal body, molded rubber shell
Working Frequency 125KHZ, 2.4G
Operating Temperature -40°C to +85°C
Humidity 10% to 98% non-condensing
Memory 4Mb flash ROM, 50000 pieces of record
Battery 3.7V rechargeable Polymer battery
Signal Card Detection Auto induction card-reading
Card Reading distance 3cm-5cm, 10m-100m
Communication 2.4G wireless communication
Weight 162g


  • Guard patrol monitoring in shopping malls, buildings, supermarkets, hotels, factories, hospitals, schools, etc.
  • Forest fire control and safe patrol
  • Power transmission cable checking and management
  • Oil and gas pipeline checking and management
  • Telecom fiber cable checking and management 
  • Supervising service producers
  • Monitoring service (i.e. stocking vending machines)
  • Supervising personnel work time and place
  • Airport protection and supervising workers, runway checking
  • Warehouse systems (identification)
  • Policeman patrolling and tracing
  • Military patrolling
  • Nursees daily/hourly rounds
  • Remote equipment inspections and maintenance


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